Screens365: Official Trailer – Myth or Science: You Are What You Eat

In this, the third episode of Myth or Science, Dr. Jennifer Gardy returns to examine one of the most fundamental elements in our lives – food. It’s so fundamental we’re constantly bombarded with advice.

➢ Sugar makes children hyper.
➢ If you want to lose weight eat a diet designed especially for your blood type.
➢ You can safely eat food left on the floor for five seconds.
➢ You should drink 8 glasses of water a day.
➢ Caffeine improves your memory.
➢ Natural salt is better for you than table salt.
➢ Frozen veggies and fruit are less nutritious than fresh veggies and fruit.

But, are any of these claims true? Once again, Dr. Gardy, will find out. Her mission: Use unorthodox experiments, traditional scientific investigation, and her own body, to discover if we can fight disease, lose weight, even improve our memory by putting food claims to the test and finding out… once and for all… whether they’re myth or science.

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