Screens365: HALLWAY

Shot exclusively in a secret sex club in Brooklyn, the film tells a story about love where in a queer couple unleash upon each other a drug-induced, existential barrage of delusion and broken dreams.

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Directed/Written by Leah Shore
Produced by NATIVE BOY
Produced by Jonathan Federico

Director of Photography Henry Roosevelt
Editing Dorian Tocker
Music/Mixing Fritz Myers
Art Direction Leah shore

Production Coordinator Alexandra Tebano
Camera Operator 1 Jordyn Gatti
Camera Operator 2 Patrick Ginnetty
Gaffer Nate McGarrahan
Grip Andrew Cohen
Color Alan Gordon
Sound Annie Medlin

Actors Sarah Ellen Stephens and Margaret Singer

PA’s Karla Cote and Evan Shore

SXSW 2015 Premiere
INDIEWIRE Online Premiere

Likes: 184

Viewed: 8539


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