Screens365: “8mm” (Experimental film)

Cinematic 8mm look with a digital camera. By Karson Pilote. Made in 2016.

Song: Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah – Lake Shore Drive

Settings for the 8mm effect. Works on Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects:
1. Add Effects/Time/Posterize Time. set to 18 fps.
2. Add Effects/Adjust/Levels. Bring in the blacks (crush them) and bring in the Whites (clip them). be heavy handed.
3. Add Effects/Adjust/Hue-Sat/ Drop the master saturation down till the color is pretty faded.
4. Add Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur. set to 2.0
5. Add Effects/Stylize/Noise. set to 18.
6. Add Effects/Adjust/Curves. Goto Red channel. Grab the very left/bottom node and bring it straight up a touch. The blacks will swing red a bit. Then grab the gamma area (the very middle of the curve) and bring it up a bit. Go to the green channel. Grab the gamma area and bring it up as well. Go to the blue channel. Drop the gamma area a bit. This should add a warm, aged look.

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